Fueled by coffee and nicotine, and in a perpetual flux between ennui, irreverence and anger, I don't even know what to expect on this blog. Yes, the info on the profile is correct, but don't expect too much military jargon or inside operational talk on this site. First of all, you see that I am stateside so I won't have any hirabah-monger hunting stories, and we have been discouraged from posting too much about operational/tactical information. It wouldn't go over very well with my comrades-at-arms if I started to complain about the vulnerabilities of the tank (not that it really has any) in a public forum where the so-called insurgents might pick up on it and and adjust tactics accordingly. (A little semantic point here; Once you cross a border into another country to blow up the locals, you are not an insurgent, no matter what Micheal Moore and the MSM say about you.)

I will comment about current events, and will at times be eloquent, at others hilarious and at others make very little sense to anybody. This is supposed to be fun for me. I hope that you enjoy it too.

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