NSA Wiretapping

Question- Does anybody really think that our spy agencies require warrants to eavesdrop on foriegn nationals in their home countries?

If there is a warrant to tap a phone line, does the agency doing the wiretapping need another warrant to authorize listening in on the other party to those conversations?

The answer to both of those questions is no.

Since there is no necessity to obtain a warrant on foriegn calls, and no necessity to obtain a warrant on second parties to authorized eavesdropping operations, it is pretty clear that there is nothing wrong with the NSA wiretapping operations that are ongoing. Not only is this policy fully within the framework of the Constitution, it is all but mandated in the President's oath of office. The Democrats need to get off their hatred of everything this administration does and get their priorities in order.

The ACLU has brought a lawsuit against the government for this operation, hoping to stop it immediately. This is not just misguided, but genuinely evil. If they are successful, I know squarely where to place the blame for the next terrorist attack on American soil.

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