Open Thread!

I think that I have discovered the key to a successful blog.

The Open Thread.

Yes, in today's cutthroat and competitive world of blogging, (yes, cutthroat and competitive, things get really nasty in the blogosphere) today's blog readers are looking for more than just insightful commentary, humorous anecdotes, pictures of scantily clad babes, lolcats, and people who will mercilessly rend the philosophy of their political enemies limb from limb like a pack of hyenas on a baby impala. The want an opportunity to display their own insight, their cunning wit, and their own derision of the dimwits who don't vote like they do.

So, here it is, as a public service to the loyal readers of Sulphur and Cordite, an open thread. Do with it what you will. We have minor imps to clean up any blood and viscera that is left behind.

(Yes, I realize Sulphur and Cordite creating an open thread makes about as much sense as Robert Neville planning a holiday party, but I'm doing it anyway. Have fun with it.)

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tankdemon said...

Alrighty, then. I see that my open thread was about as popular as an open sewer. I had a feeling this might happen, thus the really cool I Am Legend reference in the original post.

Maybe next time I'll just show some pictures of cute, fuzzy little lemurs.

And if that doesn't work, pictures of cute, fuzzy little antelope...getting rendered limb from limb by a pack of ravenous wolves. Really, cute can only get you so much, but guts and gore will bring you more.

Have a great day.