Little Ado About Everything

Yes, once again I have allowed myself to neglect this little blog for too long. I usually write out longer posts on a single subject, but this time I am going to attempt to hit a lot of subjects really quickly. machine gun style.

At this point, I don't see how Ukraine keeps Crimea. They don't have the werewithal to keep Russia from snatching it, and the EU, and US sure aren't going to stand up to Putin over that little bit of land. What we should be doing immediately is easing regulations here to make it easier to drill and gather natural gas, and allow its export to Europe. As long as Russia can monopolize the energy supplies of Europe, the EU will be perfectly willing to throw Baltic and Balkan states under the bus to keep from a confrontation. An alternative supply of energy sources probably won't be enough to stiffen Western Europe's spine, but without it there is no way they will be willing to take any actions.

Flight MH370. Weird story that sounds like it could only be a story on Coast to Coast radio. I initially assumed it went into the water, but even if it was whole when it went down, the impact on the water would probably have left some debris. The Pacific Ocean is a big place, so a crash is still my default assumption, but word getting out that the engines were still sending signals for hours after it disappeared from radar is freaky. How low would it have to fly to be below radar detection? 

Florida 13 Special Election. I have not gotten in the weeds about the candidates in the race, and I am rather happy that the Republican won, but I get the impression that Jolly really is not the type of person I really want to see in Congress. I realize that Congress is, always has been and always will be filled with douchebags, and generally even the douchiest Republican will be better for the country than an angelic Democrat, but we should take no pleasure in sending questionable people just because of their party affiliation.

Speaking of douchebag Congressmen, what is up with that crybaby Cummings? The meeting was over, and he acted like an undisciplined child in Toys R Us who was just told he can't have a new G. I. Joe. The real question I have is why did Issa recall Lerner if she wasn't going to say anything?

Rugby- RBS Six Nations has its final matches this weekend. If Ireland beats France, they have take the trophy. If they don't, then it looks like England will win the championship. The Ireland vs. France match up should be the most competitive game this weekend- look for England to stomp Italy and Wales to beat Scotland by at least two tries. If form from the fourth round of play keeps up, the Ireland/ France game might not be all that competitive either. I just plan on sitting back and enjoying the games if my internet stays connected and my livestream doesn't konk out.

Alright people, have a good day. Remember, being awesome isn't just a state of mind, but you can't be awesome with a inferior mental attitude.

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