Women's History Month

Alright, why wasn't I informed earlier that March is Women's History Month? Does the fact that I live in Riyadh have anything to do with it? I realize that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not the biggest supporter of women's rights in the world, so that might explain why it is not advertised so much around here, but I would have thought somebody on Facebook or Twitter might have mentioned it before now.

There is only one way to remedy this situation. I must post about it on my blog.


Okay, since nobody, not even my wife or mother reads this blog, I am going to have to do more. I am going to let all the women in my life know just how much I appreciate them, and do what I can to help spread the word about the importance of history for women, or women in history, or historical things that have to do with women.

There is only one way to properly recognize Women's History Month, and that is by linking to the story that is, for better or worse, forever closely associated with womanly perfection.

So, for those who have not properly acknowledged Women's History Month this year, remember to take some time today to let the women in your life know how important they are to you. Maybe read an article about Susan B. Anthony.

And for all you wonderful ladies reading today...

Break's over. Get into the kitchen and don't come back out without a roast beef and swiss on a Kaiser roll, lots of mayo and just a smidgen of mustard. And no lettuce this time- save that rabbit food for those anorexic members of your garden club.

(I can write that with impunity. Why? I did mention that neither my wife nor mother reads this blog, didn't I?)

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