Murphy's Laws of Armor

For those of you who don't know, Murphy was a great philosopher, and came up with his "Law" after a great amount of study into the human condition. Murphy's Law is stated in its simplest form as, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." It sounds simplistic, but is really wonderfully complex. Of course, since its first inception, there have been many addendums, refinements and corrolaries to the original law to cover a vast array of situations and different occupations and hobbies. Clicking on the title of this post links to a corrolary set for tankers. It is a pdf link from Armor Magazine, so you probably need Adobe to read it.

When they really happen to you, they aren't all that funny.

UPDATE: Realizing that the stated laws make use of acronyms and military jargon that might be unfamiliar to some, here is a list of translations/explenations:

1: REDCON 1- Ready Condition 1, fully prepared to begin operations.

13: NMC- Non-Mission Capable, i.e. broken.
AO- Area of Operations, the part of the map you are concerned with.

19: TABLE VIII- Tank gunnery qualification table, where tank crews demonstrate their ability to hit enemy targets.

20: XO- Executive Officer- The second in charge of a unit, and the officer responsible for reporting to higher headquartes the maintenance status of equipment.
PAC- Powerpack, the engine/transmission of the tank.
DEADLINES- Faults on a peice of equipment that classifies it as NMC.
FMC- Fully mission Capable- In good (and we use the term loosely) working order.

25: FIRING CIRCUIT TEST- A means of verifying that the gun will go boom when you pull the trigger.

26: SABOT- A type of tank ammunition that is used against heavily armored vehicles.

27: NBC- Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
NBC TYPE- A soldier whose job is to detect NBC agents on the battlefield, help the unit to avoid them and decontaminate anything that didn't avoid them.
FOX- Vehicle used by NBC Types
BMP- Vehicle designed by the Soviet Union and used by most regimes that are unfriendly to American interests, aka- Target.

28: BLACKOUT DRIVE- Very dim colored marking lights on a vehicle for use when attempting to avoid enemy detection during darkness while allowing freindly vehicles to know where you are.

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