Tips on Happiness part III

So, there is a difference being having pleasure and being happy. So how does one become happy?

It helps to have a rhino hide. Being thin skinned is definitely a disadvantage to attaining happiness. If you are going to build up blood pressure every time somebody says something silly or doesn't give you all the respect you feel you deserve, you are going to be in for a lot of miserable moments. There are some offenses that must be addressed, but the fact that somebody says deaf instead of hearing-impared, or calls you a midget instead of vertically challenged, or uses the term liberal instead of sanity-free is really no reason to get your entire support group together to picket his grocery store. Just because somebody says Merry Christams to you does not mean that they want you to turn your back on Wicca and join a monestary.

Think about it. Does the sleight really matter? Usually, it doesn't. Does it affect your life? Does it prevent you from working or pursuing your leisure activities or interfere with your family life? Was it intended to be offensive? Most of the things we get upset about leave other people wondering what is wrong with us.

Getting upset too easily gets you nowhere, and it takes away some of the control you have over your own life. If the opinions and attitudes of others can have such an affect on you, then you in some ways become their marrionette, jumping whenever they pull your strings. Mellow out a bit and allow others to think what they want.

Remember, the First Amendment gives others the right to free speech, which, by extension, means that you will most likely be offended from time to time. The best way to deal with it is to let the insults fall to the wayside and go on with your life.

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