Tips on Happiness part II

The chocolate worked, didn't it?

What's that? You are now out of chocolate, 10 lbs heavier and have three new cavities? Well, I guess that is part of lesson number one that you needed to find out for yourself to open up to some of the lessons I am offering. First of all, there is a great difference between "happiness" and "pleasure". Chocolate is pleasure, but pleasure is fleeting. Happiness is an attitude, not an emotion. There is a great difference between the two.

Often, the constant pursuit of pleasure can be an obstacle to happiness. Just look at my chocolate example. Sure, it was great while it lasted, but where are you now? More miserable than when you started.

Does this mean pleasure is a bad thing? Of course not, just remember that the pleasure that you are getting is not really happiness. Be ready for it to end.

We will delve deeper into this at some later time.

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